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Using a BaseURL in Your Code

My site's configuration file lets me define a unique set of details based on my environment, whether it’s a subfolder on my localhost, a dev site subfolder on the remote host or the live site itself...

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Death of the loading.gif

An animated gif can have only pre-specified colors marked as transparent which means they might not look good on anything other than a solid background. This can become a problem if you want these animated images on an unknown background color or a photo...

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We're Being Short-Changed with Blu-Ray

For those few movies I\'ve seen on Blu-Ray that do fill up a 16:9 display, they look amazing... no questioning the incredible picture quality and detail you get over DVD. A quality that\'s much less apparent when everything is shorter and surrounded by emptiness...

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Mac + TiVO = Awesome

I've got my Mac Pro with a drive for my movies... that and HandBrake to rip my DVD's (one's I own, of course) plus streaming movies to my TiVO makes an awesome AppleTV alternative...

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Technology Schmechnology

Just a rant. DVD's don't seem to help get me to the movie I want to watch any quicker than VHS... especially with a fussy 2 year old who want's to watch Elmo *now*..

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