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There are plenty of apps that let you keep track of notes, many that sync across devices. By far, the best one out there is Evernote. Evernote lets you take notes in rich text or plain (my preference), include photos, links, tags and group things by notebook. It's very easy to quickly jot down something on a device for reference on another later. I don't use all of Evernote's expansive features, but for the simple note taking I do, it works very well.

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Tag Everything
Tags are a helpful way to categorize your notes. Since you can create tags on the fly, it's easy add new groups as they're needed.

Use Checkboxes for Simple Lists
Evernote will remember the "checked" status of any checkboxes you put into your notes. Use these to keep track of lists much like any GTD or To-Do system would, but in an app you're already using.
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