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Task management is very important in my line of work. I have many clients each with their own set of ongoing needs and requests. Managing this without a cloud-connected piece of software is a hassle. Wunderlist is free, works on any computer I might be on, or directly within a web browser. It also works on my smartphone (I have iOS devices, works on Android too), allowing me to take my task list anywhere I go.

Wunderlist 3 is an excellent upgrade from previous versions. Both the desktop and mobile versions of the app have a significantly cleaned up UI and is fast and responsive. I especially appreciate the effort put into the mobile versions which makes it easy for me to access and manage my tasks while on the go.

RIP Wunderlist :( This app is currently in transition to Microsoft To Do. While To Do doesn't yet have all the awesome features Wunderlist has, they do plan to add them. However, without features like subtasks, folders, tags, sharing and a proper MacOs app, there isn't much I can do with the new app just yet. Unwilling to wait any longer, I've moved on to Things.

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Use Hashtags
Put a #hastag into a to-do to categorize or group similar tasks. I might use #design or #bug or #scope in my to-dos to make them easy to find.

Add files and notes to tasks
Each task can include sub-tasks, notes and files. Have a Word Doc that's associated to this task? Upload it to Wunderlist and it's available everywhere you need it.
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