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Verizon DSL Service

October 7, 2004

I recently moved from an apartment near Hillsboro, Oregon, to a Beaverton house. It’s a flawless 2002 in a quiet neighborhood near the Nike Headquarters. I had Verizon DSL and telephone service at the apartment, and figured the quickest and easiest thing to do would be to have the same service in my new home. High-speed internet is very important to me because I work from home doing web-related work… ok, it’s more than important, it’s manditory. I’m not sure who’s in charge of Verizon support, but whomever it is, I’m extremely shocked at the unorganized level of service they were able to provide. Let me explain…

On September 22nd, I contacted Verizon to ask how long it would take them to set up phone and DSL in my new home. The Verizon representative told me that it’d take between 5 to 7 business days IF DSL is available. I wanted a solid answer, and since Verizon didn’t know for sure if they’d even be able to provide DSL for me, I looked elsewhere. I called Qwest, AT&T, Sprint, and a couple others I don’t remember. All said that there’s nothing they could do as this is Verizon’s territory.

So, knowing that to get DSL, I’ve gotta go with Verizon, I did some asking around to see if the previous tennants had DSL. They did have Verizon DSL, so I was in luck… it IS available. I called Verizon to make my order… this is on September 24th. Verizon took my order to set up my phone and DSL on October 1st (DSL being ready on the 4th… as it spanned a weekend). I thought everything was ready to go for me to get back to work when it was set up. The 4th came and I had no DSL service. Thus the phonecalling began.

I called Verizon for the DSL setup status. I got one Verizon representative who had no clue as to what was going on… and they kept calling me Mr. Ritter or something… and transferred me to someone else who “could help me”. When I was transferred, it was like I had never talked with the previous Verizon representative. I had to start my story all over again. This person also did not understand and tried to convince me that the service was in progress of being set up. She transferred me to someone else who transferred me to someone else. This went on for about an hour and a half. Finally, as soon as I got transferred again, I asked to speak to a supervisor. This supervisor was calm and collected, but still had no answer for me as to the status of my DSL setup. They made some calls to other Verizon departments in a 3-way call setup so I could hear everything. Funny thing happened: they couldn’t reach other internal departments. Talk about stellar service. I asked to speak with this persons supervisor… I was getting closer to the top where I was sure my answer was awaiting me.

I re-explained my entire story and told them that I’ve been on the phone for well over an hour and a half. This person called a couple other internal Verizon support people (all in the 3-way call setup) and finally made a breakthrough… some sort of explanation. They said that they didn’t cancel the previous resident’s account until the 4th (the previous residents moved out a week before Oct 1st). I didn’t actually have service prior to the 4th, so I don’t quite understand this one. They said that due to this, they wouldn’t be able to set me up until the 8th. I said that was unacceptable and I needed DSL service today… period. They made a couple other calls to see if there was anything they could do to get it set up today. After a couple conversations with other Verizon support people, my date was set back even further, to the 11th. I was livid, but said fine. Set me up. I had no other choice. Sure I can’t really do much work without internet, but it’s the best that I could do.

Guess what happened on the 7th. I got a call from Verizon. They said that my order has been reset and I had to call yet again to “re-submit my order” and that after doing so, Verizon would need another 5-7 business days to get me up and running. WHAT!?! This was the last straw. I then decided that Verizon is simply incapable of fullfiling my needs for high-speed internet. I called Comcast… didn’t really want to go with Comcast since they’re such a monopolistic pirate of a company, but it’s my last option. It’s going to cost a bit more, but will be more than 4 times a fast, which is good.

The kicker is that when I called Verizon to cancel my DSL request, the Verizon representative couldn’t find my account (and called me Mr. Ritter again), and then said that I didn’t even have an order set for DSL… it was like I never called in the first place. Unbelievable. Not only does Verizon have a monopoly on my area, they also can’t handle providing service to my area. I don’t mind it when something is the only option… as long as it works. Otherwise, make room for something that will.