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I do websites. Fireworks is specifically built for web designers. That's why it was the best. Photoshop has more photographic-related features, plugins, effects, etc... but as far as ease-of-use goes, Fireworks is was #1. Sketch has surpassed Fireworks as the go-to tool for web designs, check it out.

One of my favorite features is how integrated the environment is, allowing full vector graphic creation and raster image creation within the same window. The non-destructive effects and properties panels are intuitive and easy to use. Once you apply an effect, you can later edit the properties of that effect or remove it, without altering the original object. Fireworks does, however, say they can write your HTML for you... but avoid it if you can. Write your own. It'll be better for everyone.

It's unfortunate that Adobe has ceased production on Fireworks beyond CS6, however I'll keep using it as long as it works with my OS, which I suspect won't be much longer.


Try it while it's still around
Fireworks is officially a discontinued product after version CS6. It's unfortunate since it has many awesome features that simply aren't included in Photoshop. Discontinued or not, it's still an awesome application for web design.

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