Apps I use to get the job done

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Coda is by far the absolute best web development tool available on any operating system… and I’ve tried many. It is customizable, supports the latest version control and server connection methods and is lightweight though feature rich. Since I work on many projects, its project-centric code management features helps me remember what I’ve done and what’s ready to go live.

Though Coda has served me well over the years, Panic’s latest release Nova is now my primary code editor.


First thing I did was change the theme to the darker Specials Board which is a bit easier on the eyes and set the font to Menlo, 14pt. Also, the sidebar on the left rather than on right just feels… well, right.

iCloud Sync
The App Store version includes iCloud sync of clips and sites. However, using Panic Sync is the best way to keep things in sync across all devices.

Coda for iOS
Another on-the-go option is the iPad app Coda for iOS. Though it doesn’t do everything Coda does making it an alternative to the full app itself, it’s a handy tool for quick on-the-go edits to my sites via FTP/SFTP/etc.