About Jason

who is theWebGuy?

I’m a quiet guy who loves building exciting web projects. When I’m not working in my home office, you might find me biking around Portland or at home slaying dragons in the latest RPG games on Steam, Xbox One or PS4. As a father of one awesome kid, who’s growing up to be a mini-me, time for hobbies is limited… but nothing is more fun than hanging out with my boy. The best place to see the work I’ve done is right here at jasonkenison.com.


I received my AA in Computer Animation from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2000. Though it was a great program, I found that animation can be tedious and much prefer to work on projects with a quicker turnaround. Adobe Flash (then owned by Macromedia) was at it’s peak in the early 2000’s and the school was just beginning to teach it. Through a bit of homework outside of school, I worked on becoming a “Flash Expert”, and started building some slick web projects with the tool. From that moment on I was hooked… building websites is a blast.


Right out of college, I got a job working with the Humongous Entertainment web team enhancing their online presence with Flash games and interactive features to showcase their video games for kids. During my short time there, I quickly advanced to the Lead Online Developer position doing everything from website designs, development, and even some print work for game coupons on Dairy Queen bags.

When Atari bought out Humongous, myself and a select few team members followed Ron Gilbert to his company Hulabee Entertainment, to work on an extensive website/Flash platform for a series of sports related games and online activities. For reasons out of my control, Hulabee wasn’t around for long and I’ve been working from home ever since.

After a short time of being a full-time freelancer, a friend of a friend had a painting job for one of the owners of Montana Banana, a Seattle based web design & development agency. I’ve been working with the amazing team at Montana Banana ever since working on a wide array of projects for some incredible companies.


The design of jasonkenison.com is based on my love for all things simple. Other than brown, orange is one of my favorite colors.

This site is built following the latest HTML5 specification and CSS3, with fallbacks for legacy browsers like Internet Explorer. The layout uses Bulma for a 12 column grid layout.

In the past, I’ve always crafted my own custom content management systems. However, WordPress is a pretty decent CMS these days, as long as you’re not relying on some silly, bloated theme. I manage my content in WordPress and display everything with a custom theme. The site runs on a Linux server running PHP and MySQL, hosted with MediaTemple.

The fonts on the site are primarily Open Sans, designed by Steve Matteson, served by Google Web Fonts. Out of the many web fonts available out there, this is one of the easiest to read at various font sizes on standard as well as hi-dpi screens. Icons are provided by FontAwesome, an expansive collection of easy-to-use web font icons.