Helpful articles and how-to's

Being a computer guy, I frequently get asked the same questions. Hopefully these articles can provide some answers, or at least a good start at where to look.

Clear Your Browser Cache

Browsers cache the webpages you’re viewing. When we’re working on a website, sometimes you’ll need to clear that cache to see the updated version. See more on how to do it in your current web browser.

Send a Large File

Need to email a large file to someone? Don’t attach it to an email message, use one of these online services to ensure it gets to the recipient.

Adjust Your Browser's Zoom Level

Websites looking different in one browser or computer than they do in another? You might have set your zoom level to something other than 100%. Read more to see how to fix this.

Set Up a Domain Name

Doing your own website setup using separate vendors for hosting and domain name? Use this reference to see how to link the two together.

FTP Files to a Server

Have direct access to your web host? See this guide for all you need to know to access those remote files from your own computer.

What's That Site Running?

Don’t know where your site is hosted or with whom your domain is registered? These tools should help. Includes an easy way to do a site report and whois check.

Update Your Web Browser

Keeping your web browser up to date gives you the best browsing experience and keeps you secure. If you’re still stuck on Internet Explorer, now’s the time to trade up.