Clear Your Browser Cache

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Your web browser uses a cache of pictures and other content when returning to a page you’ve visited already. It does this to help speed up browsing on the assumption that the remote website hasn’t changed since your last visit. This may result in your particular browser not displaying the latest content you know should be there, most applicable to updated JavaScript, CSS and images.

First rule regarding browser cache is if at first you don’t see the latest updated version of a web page as you expect to see it, refresh the page. If you still don’t see the update after a refresh, hold down Ctrl + F5 (or CMD + R on Mac) to refresh. You can force refresh with Ctrl + Shift + F5 (or CMD + Shift + R on Mac).

If you still don’t see your latest updates, you can follow the steps for your particular web browser to clear it’s browser cache. Each browser puts these options in a different place, this article details those steps:

wikihow article


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