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Send a Large File

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Sending a file via email can be be difficult for both the sender and the recipient. Most email providers set limits on how much one can send and receive, let alone max mailbox sizes. In many cases, you won’t even get a note that the email you sent failed. I recommend using one of the following methods to get your big file or set of files from your computer to the recipient, all of which I’ve used personally:


I use this in conjunction with email to give someone access to a file or set of files. Dropbox installs on your local computer giving you a folder designated as Public. Within that folder, I can right-click on file to Copy URL which I can paste into my email message. The recipient can then simply click on the link I sent them to download the file without needing to be a Dropbox user themselves.



DropSend is a quick and easy way to send a secure link to an uploaded file to someone. You can easily send a file up to 8GB through their easy-to-use website. It will send your recipient a secure link to download the file which ensures you’re not cluttering up someone’s inbox.


WeTransfer offers free emailed links to up to 2 GB files with paid accounts if larger file uploads are needed. It has a slick UI and makes for an impressive presentation if you’re sending these links to clients.