What’s That Site Running?


Whether or not there’s a single company providing all web related services, there are two parts to a website: Hosting and a Domain Name. Domain name registration resellers may often change company names or sell your service to another registrar. Usually it’s seamless, but there are times when you may need to make changes to either service and are unsure who to contact. These tools give you “whois” information and may tell you a bit more about who owns the domain name, where it’s registered and who’s hosting the site.

Site Report

Follow the link below to see an in-depth overview of your site. This will include things from basic level SEO as well as domain and hosting details.

site report

Domain Name (whois)

Follow the link below to get domain name information. This will include the domain name owner’s info if not set to private as well as contact information for the company currently managing it. Tip: If you see your own contact info and it’s out of date, now’s a good time to get that updated.



Want to know detailed information about what a website is built with and which technologies it uses? Run a report on BuiltWith.com to see if a site is WordPress or Shopify, on a Linux or Windows server, and so much more.



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