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web design is my bag

I've spent enough time in the world of web design and development to get a pretty good idea of how things can and should be done. The internet is an ever-changing place and there's always something new out there. It's my job to keep up, and I love the challenge.

Sites I build range anywhere from online e-commerce to flashy video showcases. Your site should get traffic that brings in customers, and I know how to make that happen across all devices.

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Vector vs. Raster Images for Web

In the world of HiDPI screens and responsive websites, having high quality images in your website designs is a must. Graphics must be readable at varying sizes when viewed on desktop and mobile devices...

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Pros and Cons of Using a Website Template

These are all things that can help speed up the development process and let you focus on content rather than building a site from scratch. Are pre-built website themes the answer?..

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