June 6, 2004

Apple 17-inch LCD

I did my research on this one. It was a close run between the Apple 17″ LCD and the same from Formac. The specs on the Formac seemd a bit better, but there were 2 problems:

1) Reviews said the casing was a bit flimsy
2) Noone carries the product in their store, so I can’t look at it before I buy

That was pretty fusterating. Even the Authorized Resellers didn’t know much about it or carry the product.

So. I bought the Apple display and I must say I’m very happy with it. The colors are true, the images and text are sharp, and best of all, I won’t get a eyeball tumor as fast as if I was still using a CRT.

I’d totally recommend the Apple 17″ display, although I have a feeling that there’ll be a new line of displays coming out soon sporting the new ‘metal’ casing to match the G5… IMHO, the metal will look lame on a display. But to each his/her own.


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