July 12, 2007

Seattle to Portland: STP Bike trip

I’ve been training and getting ready for a couple months now riding my bike and running to basically get myself from totally out of shape to mostly in shape. I’m feeling good, I think… I’m no super-athlete or anything, but it’s nice to get out of the office every once in a while. For training, I’ve been riding from my house to the local Washington Square mall… roughly 15 miles or so. It’s pretty hilly so I really feel the burn by the time I’m done… well, lately I’ve been feeling the burn from this outrageous weather we’re having, too. What’s with Oregon being 100 degrees!?! I’ve done a couple longer rides, but not many. In between bike rides, as I don’t go every day… still have a family to be with… I run probably 3 miles, which is big for me.So, hope I’m ready for it… we’ll see. Should be fun, I’m looking forward to it.


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