May 27, 2008

Adobe Not Round-Filing Fireworks

When Adobe bought Macromedia, I became worried about the future of my favorite web design software. Fireworks is by far the best for designing for screen, in my opinion. It’s quick, light and really good at what it does. Sure, it’s missing features such as CMYK support, some filters, etc, but it’s vector drawing tools, object selection and speed more than make up for that. It’s an application that’s rare in that it focuses on what it’s designed for without all the bloat found in other major design applications like Photoshop. I’m excited about the type engine updates as well as the updated user interface. Could take or leave the other updates, but I’ll have an open mind until I have reason otherwise.I guess it might be difficult to make an application that’s for everyone. Not all web designers share the same workflow, though Adobe seems to strongly suggest one. Adobe is still including more into the Fireworks application than should be there, but that’s so appease more people. My workflow is as follows: Design in Fireworks -> Export image elements -> hand-code the site in Coda. Of course, Adobe has no reason to support or expect people to use anything but Dreamweaver for the web development side of a project, but it might be nice to turn off some of the built in integration and buttons. Not a huge deal though. I hope to give it a try before it’s out. If you’ve given it a try, let me know what you think about the update. See more at


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