December 29, 2006

Looking Forward to 2007 @ the Movies

Buzz on the internet has gotten me really excited for the upcoming year with an amazing lineup of comicbook-related blockbusters. Have you seen the latest trailer for Transformers? I’ve been a fan since the old 80’s cartoon… BIG fan. From what I can tell from the trailer, this one won’t disappoint anyone other than the Transformer “purist” (movie Optimus vs. classic Optimus). Fantastic Four movie of 2005 was really disappointing, I thought. Of course, F4 were always the lamest of the popular superhero teams. But then came the Silver Surfer. Check out the trailer, ignore the F4 team and marvel (pun intended) at how totally radical the Silver Surfer is, and how potentially-awesome Rise of the Silver Surfer could be. The surfer’s always been one of my favorites, although in the comics his stories can get pretty weird. I don’t have to tell you about Spiderman 3. Last one left me speechless, 100% perfect comicbook-movie adapation… hey, they even made lame-ass “Doc Ock” a cool villian! I don’t want that franchise to ever end. Also looking forward to:

Then, it appears it just keeps coming in 2008 with more awesomeness such as Iron Man, Voltron, and the next Batman installment “The Dark Knight”. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. … Now, if only I can find a babysitter for the kid 😉


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