February 7, 2008

Mac + TiVO = Awesome

I’ve got a TiVO Series 2 box & service. Picked it up mostly so that I don’t miss any episode of Heroes or Lost, among others. The TiVO Desktop software gives you a Preference Pane in OS X (similar option available for Windows too) to network your computer and TiVO so that you can stream movies from the office to the living room. I’ve been busy ripping my DVD’s (the one’s I own, of course) to an internal drive in my Mac Pro with HandBrake… excellent application. When I open TiVO’s “Now Playing” list, I can view the TiVO encoded videos on my Mac and can watch any of them MUCH faster than the Amazon Unbox rental service that requires full download before you begin watching.

The quality isn’t DVD quality, but that’s probably due to the composite connection the TiVO has… if I get a series 3 with component or HDMI, it’ll no doubt be much higher quality. It’s a neat setup using the hardware I’ve already got and saves me from having to get up off the couch to put in a DVD as well as makes it possible to box up my DVD’s instead of keeping them on the living room shelf.

Very handy.


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