March 10, 2008

Mortgage Companies are crazy

My mortgage company, formerly known as “CityMortgage” trades my account like kids trade Pokemon cards… it’s insane. I always pay on time. Much to my chagrin, I saw a late charge and “Past Due Amount” on my last bill. Now, I’ve grown accustom to the whole changing of companies thing as it’s happened so much in the past, but I didn’t quite understand this last one until it was cleared up in a letter response to my inquiry as to why my paid bill was marked as late:

“The servicing of your loan was transferred from CityMortgage to Citymortgage, INC.. In order to avoid late fees and/or delinquent reporting, please send your mortgage payments directly to your new servicer, Citymortgage, INC…”

Sorry CiTymoTgage for missing that… or wait, was that cITYmortGage? What’s going on here!?


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