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Notes are handy, but I can’t seem to find just one go-to app for them all. Since I use macOS and iOS devices exclusively, it’s just easiest to use the default Notes app for most things. Evernote was fine until they started restricting how many installs I could link to my one account. For documentation, blog posts and any other articles I write, Bear is an excellent editor for writing, tagging and organizing my thoughts.

I can write my notes in Markdown and Bear will automatically format as I type. Notes are organized into groups by custom tags and synced to my other iOS devices in the cloud, so I can write anywhere.


Tag Everything
Your notes can be organized into one or multiple groups by tag, which can be anything you want. Simply type #mytag into the document to create a new or use an existing tag.

Export Your Notes
Since I use Bear to write and organize blog posts and articles for use online, the export as HTML feature makes copy/pasting a web-ready article quick and easy.


I’m a full-stack website developer and designer. Whether you’re looking for an online store, portfolio showcase or a blog, I can help make it stand out from the crowd. I love LAMP.