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I write a lot of code, much of it is re-usable. SnippetsLab gives me a place to organize and store snippets of code I use often, such as HTML starters, PHP classes and functions, and other miscellaneous blocks of text.

This tool is most useful when it’s kept organized by folders and sub-folders. I keep dozens of handy SSH commands, Automator scripts, SQL queries and htaccess caching and rewrite stored in this app, and the list keeps growing. These snippets are stored in the cloud so that I can access them on any of my other workstations.


Keep Things Organized
Snippets don’t require any organization, but with a growing list, unorganized code can get unwieldy. Keep things in folders and sub-folders to keep things tidy.

Use Fragments
Some bits of code may require more than one fragment, such as a PHP class with a configuration and usage example. Fragments let you have one entry that can contain a number of unique blocks of code all related to eachother.

Syntax Highlighting
Each snippet will show language specific syntax highlighting for that block of code, where applicable. When I look at my PHP snippets they are colored differently than my AppleScript, CSS or HTML code.


I’m a full-stack website developer and designer. Whether you’re looking for an online store, portfolio showcase or a blog, I can help make it stand out from the crowd. I love LAMP.