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Dropbox is a handy tool that puts your files in the cloud. Files in the cloud means that you can easily access your stuff from anywhere, on any device. Dropbox also lets you sync your files with one or more computers so that you can easily manage your files as you would do in any other folder, while keeping them in sync across all devices.

I use Dropbox to send files, images and other content through email to avoid file size and other limitations that can happen when sending attachments. This ensures that the recipient always gets exactly what I’m trying to send.


Share Public Files
Dropbox has a default Public folder which lets you easily share a link to one of your files with anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

Sync with Desktop
Install the Dropbox Helper on your Windows or Mac computer to sync your files. From here, you can manage your Dropbox files as easily as you would any other folder on your computer.

Share with Others
You can share a folder with other Dropbox users. Simply go to Dropbox.com and set sharing options for any folder or set of folders. Note, however, that the files and folders you share will affect other Dropbox user’s quota, so check with them before sharing gigabytes of files.


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