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Since I do a lot of browser testing, I use VMWare Fusion to run any OS I need on my Mac. There are a few great virtualization options out there (Parallels, to name one) but VMWare seems to have a great focus on keeping up with the latest OS changes to ensure things run smoothly. S


Use an SSD
If you keep your large virtual machines on an external drive, you’ll see a huge speed improvement running those VMs off an SSD.

Load up on RAM
Running a guest OS is resource intensive. If you can, install as much RAM as possible so that you can run each VM at a decent level, and configure each virtual machine to use more than the default settings.

Keep legacy versions of OSX
Sometimes those older versions of MacOS come in handy for browser testing or in replicating an issue a client might have on an older machine. With virtual machines, you can duplicate their environment down to the hardware specs.


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