When managing multiple projects, organizing tasks and priorities is very important. Things is an excellent project-based task management solution. I can set projects, priorities, tags, and search based on any criteria. These options let me manage my to-do lists the way that works best for me… not everyone’s GTD solution is going to be the same.  The design is clean and simple, without any distractions, allowing me to focus on my tasks.

My favorite features:

  • Sub tasks
  • Auto add items due today to the Today list
  • Categorize lists by Area and group tasks in each list by heading

Things is available on MacOS, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


Organize your tasks by project
I have areas for projects like “Active” and “Ongoing” to group the long list of projects into groups.

Create your own tags
Your lists are different than mine and should probably be organized in your own way. With Things, how well it works is up to you.

Use the Today list
Start your day with a list of items you want to complete. Can’t beat that feeling of completing your day’s tasks.


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