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FTP was one of the toughest things about switching to a Mac over a decade ago. I had been relying on Filezilla on PC for anything FTP related. I tried nearly all English FTP programs available for Mac… none of them were half as easy to use and intuitive as Panic’s Transmit. You can save favorites, preview remote files and images, and open files directly from the server into your external editor of choice. I’ve connected Transmit to a number of various servers and server types without any problems at all. Ability to sync favorites via Panic Sync is handy and works great.


Organize Your Favorites
Transmit lets you organize your sites into folders. Keep things tidy by grouping your saved FTP favorites into folders.

Use SFTP (when available)
FTP is inherently insecure, login information is passed in plain text. With SFTP, that data is transmitted in a secure encrypted format. Wherever possible, keep your login info secure.


I’m a full-stack website developer and designer. Whether you’re looking for an online store, portfolio showcase or a blog, I can help make it stand out from the crowd. I love LAMP.